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Hydraulic Engineering

Hydraulic Engineering as a sub-discipline of civil engineering, is concerned with the flow and conveyance of fluids, principally water and sewage. One feature of these systems is the extensive use of gravity as the motive force to cause the movement of the fluids. This area of civil engineering is intimately related to the design of bridges, dams, channels, canals, and levees, and to both sanitary and environmental engineering. Common topics of design for hydraulic engineers includes hydraulic structures, including dams, levees, water distribution networks, water collection networks, sewage collection networks, storm water management, sediment transport, and various other topics related to transportation and geotechnical engineering. Equations developed from the principles of fluid dynamics and fluid mechanics are widely utilized by other engineering disciplines such as mechanical, aeronautical and even traffic engineers.

Active Engineering has a 5,000 square feet, modern industrial unit in Burton on Trent containing fitting areas, a machine shop and offices. This enables to cope with all hydraulic manufacturing and repairs. Our production area is clean, well organised and capable of large, high quality assemblies. We also have facility to paint to a high standard, including stove enamelling. We work with major engine suppliers, typically Isuzu, Hatz, Yanmar and Lombardini. The largest engine we have had installation approval for is 80 kW.

Active Engineering welcome any questions that you have about our Hydraulic Engineering or if you want to require information about your order. If you do have any enquiries or request any information about services we offer, then you can get in contact with us by calling on 01283 569003 or fax us on 01283 542064. Alternatively you can email Active Engineering at We will try to get back to you as quickly as possible.

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