Reverse Engineering

Project Description

We can recreate equipment for you.

We have the experience and knowledge to recreate equipment which may no longer be available . We can recreate pattern work and design products to modern standards.

Two typical products recreated are:

Sand Ejector

This unit was created for our customer, the original units were produced in the 1940’s and 1950’s. The method of increasing wheel/rail adhesion by blowing sand on the rail has been in use for many years and is still used today to allow the locomotive to grip the rail. We recreated the castings and re-engineered the component to produce 20-50 of these per year.

Foot Valve

This unit was designed when the company producing the original ceased trading. Our customer still had a requirement for the rugged pneumatic foot valve. Active created the patterns and re-engineered all internal components which included producing special polyurethane seals for the unit.

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